The History of Danny’s Wun Tun Restaurant

Danny’s Wuntun restaurant begun when a couple from Hong Kong, Danny and Joyce Cheung migrated in Vancouver, B.C in 1972.

Danny worked in a restaurant as a cook at New Diamond Restaurant in Chinatown, while Joyce worked at Hon’s. The couple contemplated their future and wanted to start their own restaurant business in Vancouver. Because of the tight competitions in Vancouver, they decided to set up their business in Richmond instead.

In 1976, Joyce’s family helped them build up their business and their own food menu. They had the first wonton and homemade BBQ house in Richmond – Canton Wun Tun House on No.3 at Times Square.

After ten years, they decided to move to No. 5 Road for a better and bigger location. From there, the Cheung family hoped and wished for their success in their business.

Today, they serve four generations of loyal customers and many who travels from Vancouver, Fraser Valley, and even White Rock.

 “We don’t just have customers,” Joyce says, “We have friends and that’s what we are proud of. Here we share happiness and that’s a bridge that crosses all generations.” Arlene Kroeker, Richmond Review